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30.08.2017 16:07

Official: Mönyn winger Trajan Ray thigh injured, missed the national team match _FIFA 18 international football news
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FIFA 18 August 30 news local time Tuesday night, Bundesliga door club officially announced the team winger Te Laurel thigh muscle ligament torn tear, Traore will be scarce. Before Traaore will be with the Guinea national team to participate in the national team game, but because of the injury he will miss the national team game. Mun Hing official said Traverse's right thigh back muscle ligament was torn. Just last week when the door with the Augsburg Bundesliga game, Trao did not appear. Italian media: Verona is about to sign the Barcelona B team Korean teenager Li Shengyou _FIFA 18 international football news
FIFA 18 Aug. 30 (Reuters) - Verona will sign South Korea's teenager Lee Sang-woo, but Barcelona will retain the right to buy back in two years. Italian Sky Sports claims that the two clubs have reached a transfer agreement for the 19-year-old teenager, who will go to Verona on Wednesday for physical examination. Li Shengyou is a left winger, you can also cruise in the road, in 2011 to join the La Masia youth academy, in this summer into the Barcelona B team. Dortmund had also been interested in him, but now it seems that Verona got the South Korean teenager. In July, Li Shengyou told the "Marca": I hope to continue to grow as a football player, if I play well in another club, then have the opportunity to return to Barcelona. As part of the deal, Barcelona retains the option to repurchase Li Shengyou within two years. Cansello injured in the Portuguese national team, ahead of returning Inter Milan _FIFA 18 international football news
FIFA 18 Aug. 30 The Portuguese Football Association confirmed on the official website that Inter Milan defender Cansero was injured in training and had left the national team ahead of schedule. In Tuesday's training session, just transferred from Valencia to the Nerazzurri's Cansero unfortunately injured. It is reported that Cansero is sprained the right knee, but after the initial examination of the team doctor confirmed that Cansello is no longer suitable for participation in the game, so leave the national team in advance to return to Milan City. After returning to Milan, Cansero will accept further inspection. In order to make up for the vacancy of Cansero, the Portuguese national team chose to call Porto right back Ricardo - Pereira, preparing for the next against the Faroe Islands and Hungary World Cup qualifier. (welcome to buy fifa 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)


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