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Arsenal team reporter: Ozil received the offer without Sanchez
24.08.2017 14:40

Arsenal team reporter: Ozil received the offer without Sanchez

  The famous journalist John Klaus revealed that Ozil received the offer without Sanchez, so he could choose to renew the contract with Arsenal. (Click to buy fifa 18 coins for sale, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) t

Klaus said Ozil was about to complete the contract, the new contract weekly salary of up to 300,000 pounds, and he chose to renew part of the reason is to sign his team, want to wait for him next summer contract expires And then action. Klaus said: "Arsenal certainly want to renew with Ozil, but most people may think that this is Arsenal 'to reduce losses.' To be honest, Ozil does not like other players, such as Sanchez and Chamberlain The same situation has received so many quotes. Now the situation has changed, Ozil may consider: 'I can leave free next summer, as a free agent to get a better contract, or stay in Arsenal, Earn £ 300,000 in salary. 'Arsenal can give him such a big contract, has been unexpected.

Clop: 14 months of effort finally returned to return to the Champions League race
Liverpool in the Champions League qualifying round 4-2 victory over Hoffenheim, wish to qualify for the Champions League group match. Red Army coach Klopp is very satisfied with the results, he has begun to look forward to Anfield's Champions League night.

With Emre-Jan, Salah and Philmino's goal, Liverpool home 4-2 beat Hoffenheim, so in two rounds of the total score of 6-3 to qualify. Clop refused to predict what the Red Army would have achieved in the Champions League this season, but he admitted that he was very excited about the arrival of the event.

On the meaning of returning to the Champions League (Click to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) group match ...

Okay Everything ... what can I say? The most importanthing is this club, this team, the past 14 months we have been working hard. I know that you will always find some of the Champions League disdain "This is only the Champions League, or this is just the Champions League." But we hope to do everything possible to become part of the event. I saw the boys kicked out the wonderful football, like this game, especially in the face of Hoffenheim this opponent, you will inevitably encounter problems. This is the case. But I am really happy with the team's promotion of the Champions League group stage.


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