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Clash Of Clans Builder Base Guide On Good Offense For those of you who may not be familiar with it, the Builder Base is a separate game inside Clash of Clans. It relies on its own currency, a different troop system and it takes players fresh from the ground. Today we are bringing you some information about the Builder Hall and how to use it to the maximum. uilder Base Basic Info You have to know that the two bases share only gems. No buildings or currencies are shared between them. You can unlock the Builder Base if you build the boat in the Town Hall base. You have to play the Town Hall briefly if is the best website to buy cheap Clash Of Clans gems and boosting service or Clash Of Clans Power Leveing. Click buy cheap Clash Of Clans gems you want to earn enough resources. In a Builder Base Now Clash Of Clans players can buy cheap Clash Of Clans Gems and boosting service or Clash Of Clans Power Leveing from Players can join groups to play alongside other players. combat, two players can attack each other’s base at the same time. Whoever gets more stars wins. You can’t have a backup army after deploying the initial army. How to Get a Good Offense You get just one minute before entering the battle. Use this time wisely and see if you have any weak points that a troop can take advantage of. Don’t change troops from the Army Camp. This will need extra training time. You should only do this in battle. You can only switch troops before entering the battlefield. Before using the troops in Star Laboratory, level them up to level two. This will unlock their special ability. Cards Tips The Beta Minions are the most effective after the players take out air defenses, such as Archer Tower or Fireworks. Sneaky Archer is extremely different than the Town Hall counterpart. It has a stealth power for a couple of seconds after being summoned, which helps it deal a lot of damage before becoming visible. Raged Barbarians are quite the same as the normal Barbarians. Even so, with their increased damage they can swarm an exposed target.


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