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Diemiya for fear of missed Paris weekend with Metzs French League |
07.09.2017 14:45

Diemiya for fear of missed Paris weekend with Metz's French League |
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According to the "Parisian" news, Di Maria in Argentina against the Venezuelan game injured, he may miss this weekend in Paris, the league game. The worst news we get today is that Dimaliya is hurt. Paris coach Emery said at a news conference. Diamiya in the preliminaries of Argentina against Venezuela in the game pulled his left leg muscles, he also game the first 24 minutes due to injury end. It is reported that he is likely and Tiago - Silva together in Paris this weekend against Metz match game. Inter 19-year-old new aid: Arsenal and Paris have tried to sign me _ tug international football news
FIFA 18 Inter Milan New aid Karamo revealed that Arsenal and Paris Saint Germain tried to sign him, but he decided to join Inter Milan. 19-year-old striker in the transfer deadline to join the Nerazzurri, today he told Premium Sport he joined Serie A all kinds. He said: This is the new football, I hope I can have a lot of progress. I came to a new team and it was important for me that they had chosen to bet on me. Paris waiting to sign me, and Arsenal also contacted my agent. Monaco and Lyon are also interested, but I decided to come here. ; Italian football is new to me, the level here is much higher than in France, you can see last season Monaco and Juventus game. The competition is so intense that I am used to training in France but I hope I can make a lot of progress. ;my idol? There are many. Nei Maer, Quaresma gave me the incentive, and Di Bala is also a very much I appreciate people. Emery: Mbapi has 100% ready to play the weekend of the league | (Click to buy fifa 18 coins xbox one,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Parisian coach Emery said at a press conference today that Mbape has been 100% ready for the weekend. I talked with Mbabei, and he was in good shape. He had previously played with the French team in the preliminaries, he was very good in the training, he has been doing and we played the game against Metz, and we are looking forward to that game. ; The new season I will send a different player, to try a different formation. We did not introduce midfield in the summer, which requires us to do a good job in the new season offensive and defensive balance. The Alpha did not seek a transfer this summer and he would stay in Paris, but he would go to play the amateur league. We will pick those players that we think can match the game into the big list. I had talked to him before, he wanted to stay in Paris to play. Emery said.


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