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Dolphins made it clear that they do not want to trade Jarvis - Landry - NFL football field - NFL community
Dolphin expressly reluctant to trade Jarvis - Landry by the small jump brother published in the NFL · NFL football field US time Sunday, a news so that Miami dolphins fans are unable to sit still, the news that the team is (Click to buy mut 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
Trying to trade Jarvis Landry. But everything as we expected, not long after the team came out rumor. Sunday afternoon, the professional American football commentary program gives a very different message, "integrated sources of information, dolphin trading is almost zero." "In fact, the dolphin is hoping to keep Landry, Landry in the first three seasons of the dolphins to complete a record 288 times the ball and handed over 3051 yards and 13 touchdowns of data, he Obviously one of the leading players in Miami. And as the team's current quarterback Jay Culter (Jay Culter) is clearly very much hope to give Landry to feed the ball, and Landry this 2 professional bowl players apparently want to continue to have a good performance. [8/28 Steelman Express] Weekly Review - NFL Rugby Field - NFL Community
[8/28 Steelers Express] Week in Review published by the AlexdaYG in the NFL · NFL football games Week in Review Author: @AlexdaYG 10 days without updating the battlefield, where to apologize. A week ago in the United States Eastern time on August 20, Steelers ushered in the new season's first home game. In addition to the triple B combination, the replacement quarterback Landry Jones, the main left cut Ramon Foster, the main center Pouncey, and the wounded rookie Juju Smith-Schuster are not played. Defensive side, the main inside Wei Shazier, red passer Bud Dupree and veteran James Harrison, the main swim Mike Mitchell still did not play. In this way, Matakevich continued to serve as the starting linebacker, and the Secret Service team old captain Robert Golden as the first security guard. The game came up, Matt Ryan and his Super Bowl runner-up attack group gave Steelers the first defensive group on a lesson. Matt Ryan only played a wave of attack, 6 pass 4, 57 yards, to help the falcon set up a wave of 4 minutes 91 yards attack, and touchdowns. After resting at Matt Ryan, the bench quarterback Matt Simms was equally effortless in converting the third gear, leading the Falcon to play 76 yards and 77 yards in two consecutive waves. But not the falcon took over in the steel people red area mercy, the score on the field will not only be 13: 3. Plus a passing pass on Matt Schaub, the Falcon "Three Matt" quarterback team shot 26 of 16,211 yards in the first half. In front of the Atlanta attack team, Steelers rushed weak, and the defensive second line seems to have resolved the defense problem has been exposed again. Not only that, Steelers, the main corner of the corner of the Ross Cockrell was wearing a No. 1 falcon rookie rookie receiver Reggie Davis finished burst of the lens highlights the current second-line steel facing problems. Steelman defensive team in the first half before the end of the strengthening of the strength, forced the Falcon repeatedly abandoned kicking. Steelers are more than twice in a row to destroy the Falcon's abandoned kick. Into the third quarter, the game officially entered the pre-season game of the chicken each other pecking stage ... the two sides repeatedly abandoned the kick, Steelers back to attack the hand Trey Williams a speed to run over the entire Falcon team, touchdowns; Defender Dobbs came out and steals the ball when he was away from the sack; the Falcon quarterback Simms randomly returned the ball to the retired Steelman Dangerfield. The biggest surprise of the fourth quarter was James Conner.(Click to buy madden nfl 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

The rookie running back in the third quarter, although there are several passes did not catch, but his performance is commendable, he is in the fourth quarter of the team's power run tactics continuous continuous 10 yards Above the red ball, to help take over Justin Hunter scoring line 6 yards catch touchdowns. The final two teams to the fourth quarterback throw each other cut off the scene, Steelers 17:13 win. Although the Steelers defensive group is not satisfactory, but the offensive group brought us enough surprises. First, Martavis Bryant came back! He finished a perfect back shoulder catch on the right side of the line, which is Dobbs the only time to complete the game more than 20 yards pass. Secondly, James Conner debuted! He played 54 games in this game, the highest team (which does not include twice in the Secret Service appearance), 20 red ball won 98 yards. Conner himself admitted that he was not the protagonist of the chicken soup, but a real rugby player. This performance is more to consolidate his position on the 2nd run back. But because Le'Veon Bell is the kind of will almost play full of running back, Conner new season will appear more in the Secret Service group. Coach Tomlin also criticized Conner's "very amateur" performance in the Secret Service, and encouraged him to work harder in the Secret Service. As for the quarterback Dobbs, he basically every passing distance is not more than 10 yards away, the game 19 in 10,70 yards, all 3.7. As a rookie bench quarterback, he still has time. Can see, his consciousness in his pocket is good. As for passing the sight and passing the ball, it also takes time to polish. Steel fans can only talk to masturbation is, at least Dobbs do not like next door like Kizer adventure. Le'Veon Bell is back! Bell has confirmed on Twitter that he will return on September 1 (before the regular season). Compared to the possibility of training to the regular season of the Los Angeles Rams defensive end Aaron Doanld (Pittsburgh University star!), Steelers fans should be contented ... On Bell's question, the starting center Pouncey did not begrudge Bell's praise With support. Pouncey believes that Bell won a big contract, strike training is understandable. The starting quarterback boss also said that he did not blame Bell. In this way, it looks like Bell will not be too embarrassed in September and his teammates' reunion party. Steelers use center Lucas Crowley in exchange for the red horns Dashaun Phillips steel man is not the kind of habit in the off-season high-profile team, but this does not mean that steel management will not be necessary when the transaction. The current red scarring center, and Dashaun Phillips became a bargaining chip. Steelman coach Tomlin in the evaluation of Phillips said that this is a player in the ability to play in the NFL. Hope Phillips's arrival will give Steelers weak defense second line to bring a little competitive pressure


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