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Royal war worn out your goblin gang card group recommended
03.08.2017 14:33

Royal war worn out your goblin gang card group recommended

Next Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a few Goblin gang card group and play

Card group one: bucket, butcher, princess, rolling wood, goblin gang, big fly, furnace plus fireball

Royal war worn out your goblin gang card group recommended

This card group belongs to the consumption class card group, card group in the bucket, the princess is very good consumption card. Flame furnace can also play a role in consumption, but the main features of the flames furnace or defense, basically can hold all the way. Higher grade Goblin will not be small electric death, so we can use the princess to cheat each other's arrows or rolling wood, you can let the bucket and the Goblin gang together to play a good wave of damage.

When the enemy to attack us, you can use the butcher to carry out the defense, the butcher's defensive ability is well known, if the other side rolled the first round of rolling wood, and then you can use the butcher Gabriel Brewery or the butcher's gang group To play a wave of backhand, so you can play a good consumption. Because the Goblin gang moves very fast, so when the other holy water consumption is almost, we can bridge the Goblin group directly steal all the way.

Card group two: Goblin gang, hell tower, flying bucket, princess, rolling wood, skull army, poison, scrap dead

Royal war worn out your goblin gang card group recommended

The average water consumption of the card group is 3.3 points. Consumption is relatively low, flexible use, you can play fast-paced, not recommended first hand. Because the card group are low fees, so you can see the other side of the gap, although the dead consumption. The basic idea of ??this deck is a defensive counterattack to fight consumption, in general, is the princess or metal souls defense, still a wave of copper to play a wave of consumption, and slowly wear each other. When the holy water is full, you can use the princess bridge to cheat rolling wood, arrows, and then put the Goblin gang on the bridge to play a wave of consumption. In the other side of the holy water is insufficient, is the best time to consume each other, to grasp the appropriate words, you can prevent the tower caused considerable damage.

Defensive ideas: the main reason with the hell tower disaster giants, pigs, and balloons, with the hell tower to solve the fat and pigs, the princess's long range clean up the soldier, the Goblin Legion and the skull army spirit can slip soldiers, playing consumption , The suppression of each other Now Clash Royale players can buy cheap Clash Royale Gems and boosting service or Clash Royale Power Leveing from Players can join groups to play alongside other players. fast-paced army attack troops, poison to reduce the speed of movement at the same time to solve the soldier, you can easily poison the size of flies, Goblin and the Legion. Through the defense to make money, the use of low-cost attack card group quickly consume opponents, direct rival rhythm collapse, grinding across the defense tower.

Absolutely can not know each other in the case of no rolling wood, the use of flying bucket plus Goblin gang combination, if the other side to release a rolling wood, basically the opportunity to consume this time, blood loss! There is, can not Directly under the hell tower, bare underground hell tower equivalent to the loss of 5 fee, the opponent may use this fee to play a wave of storm, directly to our defense tower. Because the second card group belongs to the consumption of the card group, once turned down again, almost no chance to comeback, so the pre-time must be stable.
Super God! Royal war world's top three players actually used this card group (below)
In the upper half, Xiao Bian for the overall analysis of the world's top three players of the three sets of card group, and a separate analysis of the first player's is the best website to buy cheap Clash Royale gems and boosting service or Clash Royale Power Leveing. Click Here to buy cheap Clash Royale gems Now card group, then, please follow Xiaobian to see the ranking Two and third of the player's card group.


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